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Monitoring of exchangers

- F.A.Q. Questions and answers

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Chexch is a service through which You can quickly find exchangers with more a profitable course in Your direction of the exchange.

Can you trust the exchanges that you offer?

Of course, Yes. Before connecting the exchanger to our monitoring, we check it. If still You are having any difficulties, if the exchanger does not perform their obligation to You, please inform us and we will help You in the shortest possible time to solve the problem.

How to use this service?

Chexch - very simple, easy and quick service:

  1. You pick the columns to the left what You give and what You want to get.
  2. To the right will appear a list of proposals by the exchange. Exchangers arranged in order from more favorable to less favorable rate. Above the listing You can find an exchange calculator. In it, You can enter the amount I/o, and our calculator will calculate the amount of output/input. Each line on the right displays all available reserves.
  3. Choose the right offer for You, making sure you choose The exchanger has a sufficient reserve of currency for the exchange.
  4. Next click on the selected exchanger, and a new window will open up his website.
  5. Follow the instructions of the exchange office for the transaction of exchange.

Reserve - what is it?

The reserve is the amount of a particular currency, which has the exchanger for the operations of the exchange. Remember that the exchanger will not be able to give You greater amount than that listed on the reserves.

Selecting the exchanger and going to his website, I found there is my direction of the exchange.

This happens when operations on this direction of the exchange the exchanger conducts manually through the administrator. We therefore advise You to contact the this exchange office. If the exchanger does not really exchanges in the areas in which he is registered in our monitoring, please contact us!

Why can different courses offered monitoring from those courses offered by the exchanger?

All courses that we offer, dictate the exchangers. From our side update data takes place in real time. Therefore, we can assume that data mismatch caused by late transmission of data exchange us. The same can touch the reserves. However, we ask You to report such incidents to us.

WebMoney BL - what is it?

This is the business layer, which describes the reputation of the exchanger from WebMoney. If You see next to BL a dash, it means that the exchanger does not have WebMoney account (WMID) and it does not work with WebMoney.

Perfect Money TS (Trust Score) - what is it?

This is the business layer, which describes the reputation of the exchanger Perfect Money. If You see TS next to the dash, it means that the exchanger does not have account in Perfect Money and there is no way to determine its TS.

What to do if you enter the incorrect beneficiary details?

You need to contact the support for exchange, which You used to have time to cancel the transfer.

Send the money to one of the offices specified period to perform the operation of exchange has expired, but the exchange is yet to be made. What to do?

Like any other organization, all of the exchangers there are problems with timeliness performance of its obligations. So if You have any such problems, we ask that You:

  1. To wait a bit. This can happen if the exchange is made after hours.
  2. Contact the support service of the exchanger, whose services You have used.
  3. If All of the above does not help, then report the problem to us.

Check the exchanger on the Internet for bad reviews.

The reviews on the site of the exchanger are not always reliable. To start, swap a small amount. If the exchange went well, then the remaining amount split 3-4 equal parts and perform the exchange of parts. But remember that there have been cases when small payments took place, and large - lost in nowhere. If the information on reserves is not at all - be careful with this exchanger. The website's domain. Free domains (e.g. .ga) or hosting sidestep. Check the age of domain the older the better. If the service conducts operations for the exchange of Webmoney, then he's definitely on the website should contain information about the certificate VM. And remember:

  1. Chexch the administration is not responsible for the exchange, produced by our partners.
  2. Be as vigilant, do not treat carelessly to the choice of the exchanger.
  3. If the exchanger does not perform his obligation to You, please contact us.
Your opinion is very important to us and we will try to help You to solve Your problem.