About us

Our service is a data processing system in more than 400 exchangers, provide services of currency exchange. All exchangers to set their exchange rates and reserves of a particular currency. Real-time Chexch monitors on all available exchange directions to identify the more profitable of course.

Stop wasting time on the independent search for great exchange!

Our main advantages:

  1. All the exchangers, which we offer, are ranked in the table only by one criterion - the best course! We are completely objective to all exchangers. Therefore, in the upper rows of the table can present only those exchangers, which offer more favorable terms for You!
  2. All the information we provide is absolutely reliable, because the data about courses are updated in real-time.
  3. If an exchange fails to comply with the terms of cooperation, it is excluded from the database.
  4. Your opinion about our service for us is great. We want to become better and more convenient for the user so, will consider all Your suggestions and wishes about the work Chexch.

If You have any questions, You can look FAQ, which contains information about the most frequently asked questions. If this section doesn't answer Your question, You can email us at support at [email protected]