Adding a new exchanger

Our service is a data processing system of more than 400 exchangers providing currency exchange services. All exchangers set their exchange rates and reserves of a currency. Real-time Chexch monitors for all available areas of exchange with the purpose of revealing of more favorable exchange rate.

You can add Your exchange point in monitoring Chexch. Before you submit your application for inclusion, please check that it meets our terms and conditions. After verification, write to us in the feedback address with information about Your service. The following are the main parameters to be specified when applying for an Addendum.

Conditions for inclusion of the exchanger

  • The activity of the exchanger must be at least 6 months from the date of opening;
  • The currency reserve must be at least $5000;
  • If the exchanger works with WebMoney, then a certificate of the WMID should not be below a personal, Business Level should not be below 80, the site should be indicated on the page of the certificate;
  • If the exchange office works with Advanced Lash, the account in the payment system must be verified, Transaction Score must be at least 5;
  • If the exchange office works with Perfect Money, the account in the payment system must be verified, Trust Score must be at least 5;
  • At the exchange office should be implemented affiliate program for referral fees on a unique affiliate link;
  • Required export file courses in supported format. The data in the export file must always be up-to-date and correspond to the actual data at the exchange office. Any changes related to the export file should be immediately displayed in this file;
  • On the main page should be a form of currency exchange with a calculator, available without registration on the site. The website of the exchanger must have a unique and original design, contain available information on the terms and time of the exchange, additional fees;
  • The name of the exchange office should be unique, and should not be similar to the names of the exchangers already included in our monitoring;
  • Each exchange must be assigned a unique number to track the current status of the operation;
  • The site must have a secure HTTPS connection;
  • On the website of the exchanger must be contacts for communication (e-mail, skype, phone or online chat with the operator) and hours of operation;
  • The main page of the site should contain banner of our monitoring;

The settings for the application

To connect Your exchanger, write in the application to add the following data:

  1. The URL of the website;
  2. Site country;
  3. The name of the exchanger;
  4. Description of the exchange office;
  5. Date of the beginning of the active work of the exchanger;
  6. WMID (if the exchanger works with WebMoney);
  7. ID account Advanced Lash (if the exchanger works with Advanced Cash);
  8. Perfect Money account ID (if the exchanger works with Perfect Money);
  9. URL of the export course file that supports our format;
  10. The address of the page on which the rules of exchange processing are placed;
  11. Affiliate program description;
  12. Additional contact.

Chexch monitoring is not included

We do not add the following categories of exchangers:

  • Partner sites of other exchange offices that are not independent services;
  • Exchange offices with a bad reputation (we do not accept exchange offices, which are poorly reviewed by customers);
  • Exchange offices with stamped design of the site, which comes with the purchase of software exchanger;
  • Services for which exchange operations are not the main service (for example, payment systems).

Duties of the administrator of the exchanger

The administrator of the exchanger undertakes:

  1. Provide up-to-date data at the exchanger and in the export file;
  2. Not to offer pseudo-favorable terms of exchanges in order to raise the rating of the exchanger;
  3. To carry out the registration of applications and the issuance of payment details through the website of the exchanger. It is forbidden to give details through third-party messengers;
  4. Оперативно и уважительно отвечать на претензии всех пользователей, разместивших негативный отзыв на странице обменного пункта;
  5. Promptly and respectfully answer all questions of users asked on all communication channels supported by the exchanger;
  6. Not to publish on his page on the monitoring dummy reviews;
  7. Remove claims of users only if the sending of funds was made in full, or if the exchange period under the rules has not yet passed;
  8. Not to transfer or disclose to third parties personal information received from users;
  9. Bear full financial responsibility to its users. Funds received from the user must be exchanged in accordance with the rules of the exchanger, or must be returned to the user in full.

Rights and obligations of the administration

  1. Consideration of the application for addition is carried out within several working days;
  2. The administration reserves the right to disable the listing of exchangers that have ceased to comply with the rules of participation in the rating;
  3. The administration reserves the right to refuse the placement of the exchangers in the rating at its discretion, without explanation.